Train the trainers – Accelerator Edition

The train the trainer course on “Specialization in Business Acceleration Processes” took place online between February 22nd and 26thThis course counted with 24 participants from the BIO-ALL’s partnersThis course served the purpose of preparing the staff of partner organizations to successfully implement the multi-diversified acceleration activities that constitute the Accelerator Programme

This course had sessions as diversifies as: testimonies of company best practices, Go-to-Market methodology explaining sessions, how to build a winning team, how to make a pilot and secret sauce for startup success these sessions were encompassed in an intensive and enriching 32-hour long courseThe participants got to prepare for their mentorship roles in the “International Joint Accelerator Programme”This accelerator aims to support high-tech seed-stage companies, ensure a successful idea-to-market, ensure the enhancement of skillsThe Accelerator will take place online with participants comings from Portugal, Spain and Italy, and starts in june 2021

The applications are open until march 31st, here:

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