The grants are 1495 euro per month, tax free, plus insurance and social security, for 24 months. Efforts will be made during this time to obtain further financing and extend the period of these grants. The cost of life in Portugal is quite cheap when compared to most European countries and in Covilhã, away from the two big Portuguese cities (Lisbon and Porto), the costs are even smaller. To have an idea, the cost of living in Porto w.r.t to London is about 50% smaller:

We have available the following post-docs positions (candidates should send an email with their CVs to the respective contacts, as soon as possible):

Ref. C4_WP1.2 | Security by Construction in Cloud and Internet of Things Ecosystems

Post-doctoral fellowship to supervise the pursuit and the quality of the research activities on security by construction in cloud and Internet of things ecosystems, as well as for the execution of parts of those works, which include the research of ways to establish the guarantee of security in software systems by construction, focusing mainly on software design and development processes (security engineering). It also includes the prototyping of a set of software tools for security engineering, attack modelling, and semi-assisted testing.

Prof. Pedro Inácio |

Ref. C4_WP2.4 | Cloud robotics

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The work plan includes the creation of a generic cloudification model for robotic algorithms, that integrates with the Robot Operating System (ROS), allowing the cooperation and information sharing between different robots to take place, but giving guaranties of privacy and security at the same time. This information sharing is the key to accelerating and making robust the learning of problems such as voice or object recognition. The candidate should have a PhD in Computer Science or similar area, while preference is given to those that have experience with robotics and/or cloud computing.

Prof. Luís Alexandre |

Ref. C4_WP2.5 | Cloud Based Image/Video Coding: Improving efficiency and QoE

The work plan includes scientific and technological research tasks carried out in order to design and implement a cloud-based holographic and plenotic coding method, which allows a good performance of the encoder in relation to encoding time, throughput and QoE. The candidates should have a PhD degree in Computer Science, or Computer Engineering, or Electrical and Computer Engineering or equivalent. Special relevance will be given to the candidates with experience in Image and video coding and Quality of Experience on Multimedia.

Prof. Manuela Pereira |

Ref. C4_WP3.3 | Omics data analysis

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Post-doctoral fellowship to support R&D activities in the field of health sciences in close collaboration with CICS-UBI ( The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on multi-disciplinary projects involving omics data, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. The candidate will be responsible for providing bioinformatics support including data management and analysis of high throughput sequencing data from next-generation sequencing.

Prof. Manuel Lemos |