Why this topic?

Despite the numerous benefits that can be derived both in diagnosis and in therapy, the exposure to ionizing radiation can be a health problem since
it interacts with tissues and / or organs, it can deposit high amounts of energy there.
The populations are daily exposed to different types of ionizing radiation, with 86% being of natural origin, as is the case of cosmic radiation, terrestrial radiation and radioactivity technology. In some places, the predominance of certain uranium minerals, the existence of gaps and mines may even be responsible for presence of even higher levels of natural radioactivity, especially refers to radon.
Human exposure to radiation is a reality in Portugal, especially in the Beira region, which is characterized by the existence of granite rocks where the uranium content is high, making it, for this reason is one of the areas of increased risk in relation to radioactivity of natural origin.



Departament of Physics, University of Coimbra