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The course will be offered in the University of Beira Interior as a Post-graduation/Executive MBA course in BioHealth Entrepreneurship and Innovation, aimed at promoting the knowledge and skills needed to boost and consolidate the creation of companies in the bio-health sector.
At the University of Beira Interior, students and entrepreneurs who complete the 12 Modules, comprehending 60 ECTS, will be able to obtain their own certificate of the Post-graduation course/MBA in BioHealth Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The 12 Modules are:

1st Trimester: 20 ECTS
M1 BioHealth Business Models 150h 6 ECTS
M2 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 150h 6 ECTS
M3 Product design in BioHealth Sector 100h 4 ECTS
M4 Legal and IP Aspects 100h 4 ECTS
2nd Trimester: 20 ECTS
M5 Business Strategy 125h 5 ECTS
M6 Marketing and Sales 125h 5 ECTS
M7 Entrepreneurial Finances and Investment 125h 5 ECTS
M8 Human resources and team management 125h 5 ECTS
3rd Trimester: 20 ECTS
M9 Ethics and Regulation in BioHealth 150 h 6 ECTS
M10 Corporate Sustainability 100 h 4 ECTS
M11 International Business 100 h 4 ECTS
M12 Final Project 150 h 6 ECTS


The post-graduation course targets higher education graduates and professionals willing to become entrepreneurs in the BioHealth sector and motivated to open their own business.

Participants will be selected by the following criteria:
-Hold a minimum 180 ECTS degree (preferably in the Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Engineering and Management areas)
-Be a citizen of the EU
-Have a B2 English level
-Motivated and willing to invest his/her time in an innovative learning process

Online classes will be held every Wednesday and Thursday from 16:00 to 20:00 (Portugal time).

APPLICATIONS UNTIL OCTOBER 8th 2020 via e-mail to: