UBImedical supports technological startups and fosters relationships with companies in the areas of health and TICE, encouraging competitiveness and innovation. If you are looking for a space to create or grow a company in an innovative environment, UBImedical is a space of excellence that fits these needs.

UBIMEDICAL is aimed at people with an entrepreneurial profile who are interested in developing technology transfer projects or business projects. UBI start-ups, students and researchers, Entities of Advanced Education and R & D find the environment conducive to knowledge sharing, in the areas of health care and life sciences, and their economic value.

For the best ideas, UBIMEDICAL offers pre-incubation services to ensure that the projects that enter into the physical incubation process have their product / service sufficiently developed to be released on the market.

During the pre-incubation period, promoters will be able to use the facilities on the coworker side and access specialist consulting services that will enable product / service development and follow-up in the development of the business plan. They will also be able to access other specialized services for the creation of the company (legal support, fiscal support, training, among others).

The focus of the UBIMEDICAL incubator is to provide the best conditions to develop the projects, offering premium physical spaces at competitive prices, privileged conditions for access to specialized entities (consultancy in the fields of science and technology and management) and facilitated access to public entities, investors and financiers that can support business growth.

Coaching and mentoring are tools that are available to entrepreneurs to mitigate risk and support the acceleration of the entrepreneurial project and its entrepreneurial skills.


– Follow-up of entrepreneurial projects (from the idea phase to the maturity phase of the company)

– Organization of Pitch sessions for entrepreneurial ideas in UBI courses

– Innovation contests and hackathons (to stimulate start-up and growth of the idea and turn it into a business)

– Support in the writing of business plans

– Support for Research & Development, Demonstration and Cooperation applications

– Consulting in Industrial Property

– Access to networks of entrepreneurs, other incubators and facilitators

– Dissemination of diverse information related to contests, prizes, events

– Support in the search for partnerships and collaborations with other companies and entities

– Disclosure of company activities

– Support in raising funds (business angels, venture capital, investment platforms, banking).



As a startup accelerator, it welcomes the following entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at creating companies in the pre-incubation modality:


  • VHPRODUCTIONS | EYEFUNCTIONS – company targeted at  innovative ideas, corporate design, guerrilla marketing and responsive websites. It is also developing a prototype on the field of ophthalmic products, with specialization in the segment of contact lenses. EYEFUNCTIONS is committed to creating innovative products that facilitate contact lens users’ routines, revolutionizing a constantly evolving market.




  • GEO4HEALTH – company providing services and consulting in the area of ​​Medical Hydrogeology, Environment, and Engineering. GEOHEALTH’s mission is to safeguard health, economy, and endogenous resources and minimize exposure to pathological agents in the environment.




  • INKLUSION – the spin-off is a digital and technological agency guided by innovation, which combines talented creative people with state of the art technology to develop products with great quality and technological differentiation. Our goal is to create exciting and innovative experiences, by pushing the envelope to always surpass our client’s needs and expectations. We work in 4 key segments: Education, Tourism & Smart Cities, Health & Wellness, and Brand Activation.




  • INSCI – specialized in the rendering of services in the areas of scientific design, including scientific illustration, organization of events, scientific and / or technological basis and specific training that allows to complement the academic formation and contribute to the translation of knowledge from the academic environment to the business environment, as well as meeting the geographical needs.



  • LABFIT – provides high quality services at the level of product development and characterization of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, probiotics, biocides, textiles and companies and different biotechnological entities. LABFIT is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (medical devices) and NP4457 (Research, Development and Innovation).




  • SCI & TEC – Online simulation and self-learning platform that mimics laboratory environments for teaching, self-learning and training purposes.



  • STARLAB – dental prosthesis laboratory associating the dental prosthesis with a constant investigation in the development of new techniques and materials.




  • YDEAL – With a strong portfolio in Prostate Cancer (developed the online and smartphone versions of the Rotterdam Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator and the new version of PRIAS (Prostate Cancer Research International Active Surveillance), the largest online platform where doctors can manage men with low-risk prostate cancer on active surveillance), some other major ydeal projects include an eHealth platform that coordinates the national care of patients with chronic kidney failure, and an integrated system for patients that require oxygen therapy, which combines patient monitoring, either in-hospital or at-home, with a patented oxygen gas-valve.




  • ZONICSTECH – has the mission of developing advanced engineering solutions focused on medical electronics and consulting services in various fields of health and life sciences. One of the products of the company under development is an integrated circuit (ASIC) for the acquisition and centralized treatment of various physiological signals.




  • CIDB – provision of community services in the field of health and training.





  • NEUROSOV – Startup whose mission is to evaluate preclinical neurotoxicity and the effectiveness of screening solutions for drugs with applications in Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases, using innovative in vitro and in vivo assays. Already has several international clients in the area of ​​the pharmaceutical industry.


  • CHITO_VERA – Spinoff of the Faculty of Health Sciences, is dedicated to the development of new dressings / materials capable of promoting the healing of wounds, avoiding the occurrence of infections, as well as reducing the formation of scars, since they bio-degrade form to promote greater hydration.


  • TPE|THE PRECAUCIONARY COMPANY – The generalization in contemporary society of chemicals and technological artefacts aimed at maximizing production and well-being has led to an overloaded environment of undesired and undesirable products that put human health at risk. The central objective of the spin-off is through a personalized consulting service to empower the client with reliable information about the levels of contaminants present in their immediate environment (including their body) and how to avoid continued exposure to these agents. The target audience is, in general terms, any individual. However at-risk groups such as children, the elderly and pregnant are preferred targets.

  • NANOANTISTONE – It intends to develop a nanorobot, a medical device, targeted at locating and destroying kidney stones. It biodegradable, non invasive, and induces no pain to the patient.