Laboratory of Sensors and Instrumentation

Coordinator: António Espírito Santo (

The laboratory has expertise in the development of electronic instrumentation systems and is directed to the development of new technology products for the health sector.


  • Instrumentation and measurement;
  • Wireless sensors network;
  • Smart sensors;
  • Energy harvest;
  • Optimization of process and resources.


  • Measurement of physical quantities (temperature, acceleration, pressure, position);
  • Data loggers;
  • Wireless sensor networks;
  • Data communication;
  • Human / machine interfaces.


  • Arbitrary generator of functions
  • Function generator
  • Dual adjustable power supply
  • Digital 4-channel oscilloscope with analyzer
  • 2-channel digital oscilloscope
  • Calibrator
  • Multimeter
  • Frequencimeter
  • Desoldering welding equipment
  • SMD welding and soldering equipment
  • Hot air welding system
  • Extractor of fumes
  • Magnifying glass with illumination