The Project

This project intends to take an innovative approach in the study of the impact that higher education institutions (HEI) have on quality of life (QoL) of the regions where they are located, both qualitatively and quantitatively, as well as their efficiency in the transformation of public funds, own funds and different types of human, social and organizational capitals in outputs with influence in the quality of life of the populations of their regions of influence. With this project, it is aimed to develop:

– A system of indicators that can be used to quantify the influence of HEIs on the quality of life of populations in their regions;

– A multidimensional impact matrix of HEIs on the QoL of populations in their regions;

– A system for monitoring and quantifying the QoL of the populations in the region of influence of each HEI.

The results of this project will, certainly, contribute to the definition of new higher education policies by identifying the key variables and the various types of effects that can be induced by HEIs in the sustainable development of the regions and, consequently, of the country.

Briefly, with this project there will be developed instruments for measuring and monitoring the effects of HEIs on the

QoL of their regions, while providing information and instruments for HEIs to assess the extent to which they are responding efficiently to the needs of their stakeholders, as well as revealing the most effective ways to do it.